Me Inside (2020)

I want to flay your body and wear it over my own skin so that I know what it's like to be a normal person.

La Petite Mort (2020)

Porn is the enemy of love. Do not seek porn. Seek love.

I Want To Dance Forever (2020)

To seek instant gratification, you must become a drug addict. And then your life is ruined and you die. The end.

Dead Tube (2019)

This is not related to the manga written by Mikoto Yamaguchi and illustrated by Touta Kitakawa. I just like ultraviolent music sometimes.

Farinelli (2019)

An operatic song about cock and ball torture. Genre: Extratone; Tempo: 1000BPM

Diamonds (2019)

I used to have a mad Minecraft addiction that kept me shut inside the house a lot and sleeping odd hours.

Ugly Bastard (2019)

It's not the physical ugliness that makes one hated. It's the ugliness from within that makes one hated.

Ashley Madison (2019)

The title is a reference to the extramarital dating site that got hacked in 2015.

McLovin Freestyle ft. Lil TarXan fka GGC TarXan

This is an epic freestyle with my boy Tar.

Desmond (2019)

A song I wrote about Desmond Amofah, also known as Etika (1990 - 2019). Rest in peace.

Finna Bash 'Em ft. Lil TarXan fka GGC TarXan

A diss track I wrote about someone who talked ill of a dead man featuring my boy Tar.

Shard (2019)

Don't do meth, kids. It's bad for your health. It can kill you. I hate drugs.

Worcestershire Sauce Has Anchovies In It (2019)

The moment I discovered that fermenting anchovies is a part of the production of Worcestershire sauce is one of the lowest points of my life.

McLovin (2019)

This is not a song. It's just a monologue.

Griffith Did Nothing Wrong (2019)

Two composition assignments I did at uni using Logic and Reason (no, I used Logic and FL Studio).

Deux Danses (2019)

When presented with two women who are equally matched in attractiveness, who would you choose? I don't know either.

Purgatory (2019)

Imagine being forced to become a slave to an uncaring master and having no free time to satisfy your own wants and needs.

Harold Holt (2019)

A group of guys and girls go to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It totally has nothing to do with the Australian Prime Minister who disappeared from Cheviot Beach, Victoria, in 1967.

$weeney Tødd (2019)

I had an idea late one night, an idea of rapping about cannibalism, but framing it as some sort of rap battle gone wrong.