2020-09-05 – New Month New Music New Plans

G’day, long time no see.

I’ve been sorting a few things out with my life. I’ve opened myself to the idea of writing trance music to balance out my current alternative rock trend (hipsters would call it fake, but they are heretical). That also means I may change to a different distributor. I’m considering a few, including DistroKid, GYROstream, Label Engine, and possibly others, simply because I want to be able to distribute to Beatport. GYROstream would have been almost perfect were it not for the fact that you don’t have options to keep your music on stores indefinitely. Maybe they do have it and I’m not aware of it. Oh well, some compromises have to be made. I hope they can distribute to Beatport, that would be great. Otherwise DistroKid is another alternative. Label Engine was another one I looked at, but it’s more geared towards labels, so I would have to properly establish a record label frontend to use that service. How sad. GYROstream is the only Aussie one out of what I’ve listed here. There are other Aussie services like MGM, Xelon, and possibly a few others I’ve glossed over, but I can actually visit the headquarters of GYROstream because it is based in Brisbane. I will not tell anyone when I may visit so that no one stalks me, unless you want to have a fun game of cat and mouse throughout the city. I’m sure you don’t want to.

I am also interested in setting up my studio for livestreaming. I’m considering a screen backdrop, but am unsure about whether to get a green screen to simulate images with OBS or a black screen to simulate the dark environment of a club and use a bigger variety of lighting that would normally screw with a green screen setup. So many problems, so little solutions.

I should also read the Bible more. I think the other three gospels I haven’t fully read may have some interesting bits that would inform me more about important matters and issues I have. I’m a little slack on reading Acts, though. I always think I don’t have enough time for everything. I put too much on my plate. Time to downsize. I should also stop playing Counter Strike so intensively, that game has had me hooked for the past week. Fortunately, the expert bots are too much of a pain to deal with compared with the easy bots (I don’t play with other actual people, I don’t like many other people). I should focus on what really matters. Most players on there wouldn’t know how to properly shoot their favourite gun from that game in real life.



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