2020-08-16 – Long Break


It’s been a while. Between now and my previous entry, a lot has happened. I’ve submitted another song for the London radio show on the Resonance FM radio channel in the UK, and I’ve experienced writer’s block with an instrumental I wrote a while ago. Since then, I started writing a new instrumental. I ran with an idea and I forced myself to make things up to keep it going. Of course, it doesn’t always feel good to do that, but that’s just life. From the feedback I got from the blogs I submitted my two newest songs to, mostly they complained about mixing and recording quality, so I’ve decided to improve how my music is mixed by dialing in different values for certain parameters on the mixing plugins I use to mix the sounds I create. I also turned down the gain for my microphone, as it was too high. It means I have to sing louder to get a recording of the same volume as previously, and it also means my screams don’t clip excessively when I’m at the ideal distance from the mic. I don’t know why I didn’t fix it earlier. Oh well, I guess I’m lazy.

As well as that, I tried to post on Instagram again. I got fuck all responses for just pictures. No one ever reads shit on that platform and it’s overloaded with softcore porn. That’s disgusting. I don’t know why I bother trying to market to such a vain and horny audience that can’t read. I might as well set up a Tinder account and meet up with people just so I can show them my music, but that’s weird and I’m not comfortable with that. For fuck’s sake, sometimes I really do I feel like I’m underappreciated. Oh well, I guess I’m probably complaining too much when I should be making music and marketing myself. I guess I just don’t want to have enough photos of my room that someone can make a detailed layout of it with AutoCAD or something. I value my privacy.

In other news, an old acquaintance I knew from my university days died about a week ago. His name was Simon Hatton. I don’t know how he passed away, but he was a cool lad who I got along with and have mutual friends with. I studied a different major and was part of a different department, so I didn’t see him that often, but I did hang out with him and his friends enough to have good conversations about different topics. I guess most people don’t realise the value of a life until it’s gone. There are others who are more sad than me about his passing, as I haven’t kept in touch with many people since then, but at the very least, I am sad that he is gone. I hope that he will pass on peacefully and have a good life up in heaven.

Rest in peace, Simon.


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