2020-08-09 – Rejected!


I’ve been feeling a bit down. Both my songs got rejected by the blogs and other influencers I sent them to. No acceptance. I feel like I realised too late that my mixing on both tracks is fucking horseshit. Too much reverb clashing, too much OCD with boosting few frequency areas, not enough breathing room with lower end frequencies, too much stereo widening, the list can go on. With corrections I made to the mix of a new track I’m working on, I managed to boost the limiter threshold up to -15dB from -10dB which I had for the two tracks I sent off. Also, I turned the gain down on the mic I used to record with (I’ve been using the M1 to record instead of the NT1 because the NT1 would pick up computer noise better, since I can’t keep the computer in my wardrobe because it collects too much dust in the power supply fan), and it encouraged me to sing louder, and it doesn’t overdrive as badly anymore when I scream. This is a great improvement. I feel like I should write another song as well. I must keep going, but I feel inclined not to. Sometimes I really fucking hate my feelings sometimes. I’m lonely.

Which is why I felt like building a Parliament House building on a singleplayer Minecraft world of mine.



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