2020-08-05 – Radio Play


I got radio play. Yes. I got my newest song, “Me Inside”, played on the radio. In London. Did you hear that? London. Yes, the home of all the best nightclubs for music. Not for anything else, just music. It feels good to be listened to. Do you know how good it feels to be listened to? It’s a great feeling. I am brimming with excitement. Now I just hope I can get on again with “La Petite Mort”.

I’ve also been submitting my music to blogs, Spotify playlists, Instagram influencers, etcetera. Unfortunately, so far I’ve had no success with it. Some of the people I’ve submitted it to have rejected it. It’s mostly the metal-based ones. They cite my use of drum machines and lack of live instruments, as well as the particular melodic quality of my voice, reasons for rejection. Oh well, I might try some electronic music blogs and stuff. Hopefully they accept my music. I can’t even categorise it into genres, so at the same time I do appreciate these tastemakers for doing that particular job for me.



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