2020-07-27 – M’lady

I don’t say that in real life. G’day.

Yesterday I attended Sunday mass at a church closer to me and it felt like a more welcoming experience than going to the church in the city centre. I met some new people and exchanged pleasantries and I will go there again next Sunday.

Other than that, I’ve made some reforms to my workflow. I bought a decent laptop for a cheap price and installed Fedora Linux with KDE on it, which is somewhat different from what I have installed on my main music production computer, which is Pop!OS with Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio packages installed. My reason for installing Fedora is because I want to split my work and play between the two computers. My main will be for production and related activities, and my laptop will be for officework, emailing, and other business-related things. i do feel like the KDE desktop environment is better integrated here, since I downloaded an ISO for Fedora’s KDE spin, while Pop!OS is only available in Gnome. Tragic. I’m a big KDE fan. Their range of software applications is also really good and I like to use a lot of those too. I should link them up remotely.



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