2020-07-25 – Busy At Work

Or so it seems. G’day.

I unfortunately skipped the past number of days with this blog. A few possible big changes might be happening to my life soon, which I will not go into detail about. However, I felt like it should be time for me to finally be brave enough to find many outlets to promote my music through. I started joining some music forums to promote my music and find a community or two to belong to that are related to music. However, my impatient self did not want to make 30 or so posts to be able to share videos and links, so I turned my attention towards a heavily neglected outlet on my part; blogs.

Blogs. I had previously considered them, but previously, I also crowded my music into too specific a niche that it limited the number of blogs I felt would accept my music. By trying to make my music sound somewhat more universal, I feel like a larger number of blogs would accept what I had to offer. Oh well, I’ve got a few lists to go through. Maybe I will do that sometime when I wake up in the morning.



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