2020-07-15 – Where To?


Where I currently live in the big city, I do not feel like I belong. I am an oddity surrounded by people who I fail to understand and whose lifestyles and habits I believe to be deeply flawed and therefore dislike as a result. The people here are not looking to stay grounded. Rather, they try to spread their wax wings and fly as high as they can before their wings melt and they crash and burn horribly. I feel there is no hope for them if they continue to bullshit themselves that they can try to play God. I feel a great desire to escape and relocate somewhere more grounded in reality. Somewhere where the community is more strongly united and where bullshit is not tolerated. That may mean I will take up another job to provide for that community somehow, and hopefully it is something that I can do repeatedly without growing resentful of.



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