2020-07-06 – Drawing Is Difficult

G’day. Long time no see.

For the past few days, I’ve made a few important decisions. I decided to not play Minecraft again for a while. I think it is a distraction to what I should be doing, which is writing music. However, the part of that I’m stuck on is doing the cover art. I have an idea in my head that I want to put down on paper, but my problem is that I can’t really draw bodies in proper proportion. To combat that, I used a Kimi no Na Wa poster for body and pose reference for the characters that I wanted to draw, slightly modifying their poses while keeping their body measurements the same. Outlining is a pain as well, because I don’t want to achieve a perfectly clean and uniform ink stroke. This time, I’m experimenting with pencil for a less comic-like aesthetic to the art and to make the colours blend with better texture. Oh well, I guess this will be challenging. I just have to do it, and then I will be able to move on to other things that may or may not be better.



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