2020-06-21 – Changing Workflow

Why hello there!

Today I had trouble being creative with music and sounds in FL Studio, even after writing a template for myself. I had gone into the project file and altered some parameters here and there to allow me freedom of dynamic change and articulation in the sounds I made. I also tried writing bits of a song where I wrote rather long patterns for the playlist. I feel like this experience comes closer to that I would have with most other DAWs, like Ableton, Cubase and Reaper. My creativity flowed a lot better and I feel like I could keep track of what I was doing more. I felt like I had more control over my creativity. It felt good. I learned how to modulate X and Y parameters for Sytrus in the piano roll as well, which is something I had not learned how to do before. Mainly I just linked the filter cutoff for various Sytrus instruments to their respective X parameters and had the ability to write notes with a different amount of the X parameter dialed in for each. I am aware that I’m still pushing my body clock forward still, but I feel a little bit more hopeful about the future. Also, the Minecraft server I’m on will restart on a new world for the Java Edition 1.16 update, I predict. That, I am also looking forward to.



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