2020-06-15 – Midnight Ramblings

Hello from the future.

Today has been an uneventful day. I have just been talking to some online friends about various topics, from different religions to different cultures to different foods, and various others. I found that interesting. An experience that lives in the moment. I find it difficult to talk about to others who were not a part of it because I don’t really remember what was said immediately, but it gets stored in my memory regardless, not to resurface until much later when that information may be needed. And with that, the clock strikes midnight and it is the 16th of June. I will still mark this post as being on the 15th of June for consistency’s sake.

Update on the server: I think there is progress happening with that. I’ve been thinking about how to play this iteration of the server better than I did last season.

As for music, the idea I came up with yesterday just didn’t resonate with me that well today. My mind is not thinking creatively and clearly enough. I might change a few things up. Add more harmonic elements, less melody. Maybe do an extra countermelody on top of my vocal line once I record that.



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