2020-06-14 – New Beginnings

Hello there,

I decided to start writing another song. I’ll see where it leads me musically thematically and lyrically. So far, things look promising with that. I hope I can get it done in a week. If not, then I fail myself, and that’s fine. I can improve the next time I begin to work on a song. I wonder what lyrical theme I should write about. For my two published songs this year, I wrote lyrics that were against drugs and sex. Should I speak ill about another thing or person that I hate, or should I preach about something or someone that I love? Or should I just make something up? I don’t know. I might lean towards the love side of things to balance the scales. I’ll see how it goes. I would need to be specific about the subject matter and not vague and wishy-washy about it.

I also am a member of a small, whitelist-based Australian and New Zealander Minecraft server, and we’ve been discussing starting a new iteration of the server on a new seed. One of the Kiwi members suggested a particularly good seed, and I explored it to scout out possible locations to set up a personal base. I have a few possible locations in mind that I am strongly considering. I am also interested in building a group base with some of the other members, but I don’t know if any of them are interested in that. There were things that didn’t work well last season, and so I am particularly eager to try out new ideas with the group. I expect my ideas to get shot down initially because the others are afraid of trying out something new and constructive. I predict that some members will leave and that some new ones will join. I’m just hoping that they’re not too selfishly interested in building their own base and able to do a group collaboration, like the numerous group bases that exist on the anarchy Minecraft server 2b2t. There are lots of things about Minecraft gameplay that can be learned from 2b2t, particularly in the realm of teamwork, creation (and destruction) of value and uniting against rivals. This is in comparison with the Hermitcraft server, where the members like to play as hardcore capitalists to show off their epic builds and pretend to be allies and nemeses wherever there are similar political and economical interests in game. I feel like more things can be achieved and that we are holding ourselves back. At the very least, I broke monopolies in the previous season by flooding the market with cheap wither skeleton skulls and beacons. I might go a step further this time.



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