2020-06-13 – Varg Vikernes & Marie Cachet


Today has been a somewhat lenient day for me. I spent most of the afternoon in bed. I finished the marketing book I mentioned in a previous post, and it has made me think more about the kind of music I should make, the audience and worldview that I wish to serve and help to grow, and how to tailor myself and adhere to that. I should probably write these things down. On paper. Using computers and mobile phones has not made me illiterate, but I feel that it has reduced my brain capacity and ability to think and take action somewhat. I think I’ve become more retarded, somehow, and that’s not counting how retarded I have been since I was born. Perhaps I reject a better future too much because I’ve grown too comfortable with my current lifestyle and am overly afraid of change, a sentiment I think is not exclusive to me.

Yesterday, I watched some Varg videos on YouTube, specifically ThuleanPerspective reuploads, and I watched some videos on his wife’s channel today. I find their worldviews very interesting, as it sheds light on a mindset that I find very foreign and that I have not been exposed to. I’ve been to a few rural towns in northern Queensland and I do find that it is a healthier environment to live in, with more nature to be exposed to. They reject many popular cultural memes and movements that are currently prominent in Western culture, such as climate change being caused by humans, racism against people with light coloured skin, sexism against males, and functions of the human body, for example. Whilst I do enjoy watching their videos, I am aware of their bias against Abrahamic religions and their values, and for embracing human nature and harmony with the environment. I agree with some of the things they say and disagree with others. I am aware I have not read books about different religions due to a persistent lack of interest in them in my life until recently, and would have to study more on them to verify their claims and form and strengthen my own beliefs and values. I have a copy of the Bible, but it feels like a daunting task to read the whole thing, because I still live according to deeply rooted instant gratification. More on that later. I don’t want to come off as a vapid journalist, but at the same time, I feel like I am one by making this post because I am aware of my lack of worldly experience as a born and raised city boy with what I think other people would consider a strange and thus repulsive mind. I must account for these shortcomings of mine. I frequently feel like an alien because I do not share the same values with most other people in my life.



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