2020-06-12 – Modified Drums

Well, here I am, again.

I wonder if anyone will see this blog. I am not sure what kind of music I should write and how to strike the balance between staying true to my artistry as I see fit for me and appealing to my ideal target market as effectively as possible. However, I’ve tried modifying the sound of the drum kits I have stored in my DAW, and it turns out each kit works better for specific genres.

The funk kit I have works really well for trap when applied with the correct effects. The jazz kit would work for Skrillex style brostep and similar bassy derivatives. The metal kit is what I’ve used so far in “La Petite Mort” and a few unreleased works, and I originally tailored the sound of that for dubstep. Funny that, huh? I used to make dubstep. I wonder if I should get back into that but make it more appealing for this decade. And the rock kit is great for breaks and samples and background stuff. I only tested the kick, snare and various cymbals. I didn’t bother testing the toms because I thought they would be great fodder for drum fills, which I like.

I also found this funny short clip from the 80s about virginity being cool from some random online friend on Fakebook. I don’t support blowing up people with explosives, but I do believe in waiting for marriage, and I found the soundtrack interesting. I think modern sluttery among both men and women in many parts of the English speaking world and other closely affiliated nation states is a major cultural cringe, and I believe waiting until marriage is a way for me to go against the religion of promiscuity and also to ensure that I can have a successful relationship with a woman that I love. John Lennon was a drug addict and a wife beater and a terrible musician. I do go on multiple tangents, don’t I?



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