2020-06-11 – Hello World!

Hello world!

I decided to figure out how to improve my marketing and branding efforts towards my Arkforest brand. For starters, I decided to improve the look of my website and I am also reading various books on how to improve myself business wise. The book I have for marketing is a book by Seth Godin called “This is Marketing”, and the book I have for business is “The Personal MBA” by Josh Kaufman. I have not been able to finish either book yet due to various distractions, my day job and the time taken to write my music, which I need to make more efficient.

This effort of mine to improve my marketing and branding can potentially also extend to the styles of music I write. I’m one of those people who likes to not be held down by constraints out of my control, and so I am currently endeavouring to write songs in what I consider the top three music genre brackets. These are rap, rock and EDM. Specifically, I tend to gravitate to the more aggressive side of those, because that music appeals to me. I realise that is a brand weakness if I want to be considered a diverse musician, and I need to write music in softer styles, something I am not used to.

I realise now that I should also keep these posts brief and frequent, since I plan to do this every day where possible. I may take breaks here and there, but for the most part, this should be consistent. I should not dawdle on what I value the most. I should get back to reading my books and writing new songs.



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